Illustration by Andrea Ucini.

Illustration by Andrea Ucini.

Here are some recent stories I've assigned and edited for Outside. I also regularly edit In Stride, our running column; Sweat Science, Alex Hutchinson's column about the science of endurance; and the Badass Women Chronicles, our ongoing series about historical female athletes and explorers you may have missed.  

Reported Pieces

Where Are the Women in Sports Science Research?, by Christine Yu

Ty Haney Is the Queen of Athleisure. (Please Don't Call It That.), by Nora Caplan-Bricker

Don't Trust the Label on Your Supplements, by Peter Andrey Smith (print, June 2018 issue)

Jordan Hasay Will Outrun You. While Smiling, by Katherine Laidlaw (print, April 2018 issue)

Welcome to College. Plus Meditation, Minus Drinking, by Ian Aldrich

The Condition That's Quietly Sidelining Female Athletes, by Christine Yu

Inside the Lab That's Quantifying Happiness, by Rowan Jacobsen

The New World of Meditation Isn't Cheap, by Kate Siber (print, August 2017 issue)

The Inextricable Tie Between Eating Disorders and Endurance Athletes, by Nora Caplan-Bricker

What Really Happens When Runners Lose Their Periods, by Christine Yu

My Absurd Quest for a Coachella-Ready Body, by Nate Dern

My Weekend at a Conference for the Super-Happy, by Peter Andrey Smith 

Spin Class Isn't for Everyone. Harlem Cycle Wants to Change That, by Morgan Jerkins


Notes on My Queer Bromance with my Personal Trainer, by Grace Perry

The Perks of Trail Running in a Virtual World, by Jamie Lauren Keiles

We Must Change the Narrative Around Women's Sports, by Sally Bergesen

Why I Run in Prison, by Rahsaan Thomas

You Can Never Escape Runner's Guilt, by Sam Robinson 

The Secrets to Dating a Non-Runner, by Martin Fritz Huber